Accademia Nazionale di Medicina (AccMed) is a non-profit scientific association that has been involved in the training and updating of healthcare professionals since 1991. In 1994 it was recognized by the Ministry of Health as an 'institution suitable for providing technical-scientific consultancy regarding the updating and information of doctors on drugs', while in 1995 the Ministry of Education, University and Research recognized AccMed’s legal personality. AccMed is National CME Provider No. 31, founding member of the European Federation of Medical Academies (FEAM), represents Italy in the health and medicine section of the InterAcademy Partnership (IAP ), which brings together 149 academies from all over the world, and is a partner of the Unitelma Sapienza online university.



Accademia Nazionale di Medicina (AccMed) is structured into Specialist Sections promoting activities consistent with the purposes set out in the statute and within the specific sector indicated by the name. Its members are qualified scientific experts, with the role of ordinary and aggregate members. The Sections correspond to the medical specializations recognized by the European Union and the MIUR or to multidisciplinary and methodological sectors.

Corporate Bodies

  • Members' Meeting
  • Steering Committee
  • President
  • General Manager
  • Scientific Committee
  • Board of Auditors
  • Committee of Guarantors

Members' Meeting

It is made up of: Founding members, Institutional members, Full members.

  • Appoint the Steering Committee.
  • Deliberates on the annual budget, on changes to the Statute, on the dissolution of the Association and on any other topic at the request of the Steering Committee.
  • Appoints the Board of Auditors, the Committee of Guarantors, the liquidator(s).

Steering Committee

It carries out a managerial, programmatic and administrative function.
The Steering Committee is made up of 7 members chosen from among the founding and ordinary members. This Steering Committee is made up of:

  • Mario Piccoli - Presidente
  • Stefania Ledda - Direttore Generale
  • Valerio Alberti
  • Gabriella Allavena
  • Carlo La Vecchia
  • Paolo Pronzato
  • Andrea Vannucci

Scientific Committee

It constitutes the scientific consultancy body of the Academy. It is composed of:

  • Scientific director
  • Members of the Steering Committee
  • Ordinary members of the Specialist Sections

Organization chart