Professional doctors have the burdensome and fundamental commitment of having to update themselves on the main news that constantly emerge, juggling the amount of information and the little time available.

The online newsletters of the National Academy of Medicine aim to constitute a valid support, providing them, 2-3 times a year, with a focus on the main scientific articles published in the last 12-15 months.

Scientific board: A. Santoro, P. Corradini, M. Martelli, G. Rossi

Born as a tool for continuity between the "Grandangolo in Hematology" conferences that take place annually in Milan, the newsletter proposes the main updating topics in the hematology field - not only oncology - but also extra-oncology.

Scientific board: Alberto Sobrero, Roberto Labianca

"Grandangolo in Oncology" is a fundamental event for those who carry out their professional activities in the oncology field. The online newsletter allows you to maintain a line of contact with the scientific board, with periodic updates on the main news.